Workplace Resources

Workplace Resources

Opioid Prevention Resources to Get the Job Done

Acknowledging the reality of opioid misuse in the workplace is a productive step for any business, and a benefit to every community. With the help of Operation Prevention, employers now have the opportunity to empower their staff and strengthen their organization with simple, no-cost workplace resources that give clarity to the opioid epidemic, including perspectives on science, health, society, and the legal system. Become a leader who inspires personal progress and productivity with versatile learning resources that stress the importance of prevention.

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The Opioid Epidemic

15 minutes
Module 1

Learn the basics of what opioids are, while discovering the origins of the epidemic and how it has evolved. Employees will gain perspective into how the opioid epidemic affects people on a personal level.

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The Science of Opioids

15 minutes
Module 2

Explore the science of opioids, including their impacts on the brain/body, plus practical ways of preventing dependency. Employees will get an idea of what it feels like to physically experience the science of opioids.

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The Reality of Opioids

15 minutes
Module 3

Discover the affects opioids have on communities, and learn methods for supporting those who have been directly impacted. Employees will find out how crucial support and treatment can be located in one’s community.

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The Power of Prevention

15 minutes
Module 4

Learn the simple power of prevention. Employees identify three types of prevention, and meet an expert who shares how prevention can be applied in our everyday lives and shared with family, friends, co-workers, and youth.

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Additional Resources

Delve deeper into the impacts of opioid misuse in the workplace with these no-cost resources.

National Safety Council's Substance Use Cost Calculator

Use this no-cost calculator to estimate the cost of substance use in your workplace.

Sharing Solutions

Access additional no-cost workplace drug misuse resources from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

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